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North Texas Giving Day

History of Trusted World

Trusted World founder Michael Garrett took 30-years of manufacturing processes and methodologies and put them into a nonprofit platform that processes public donations, turning them into quality resources for its more than 600 North Texas Partners.

Since 2014, Trusted World has helped resolve situational poverty by providing on-demand resources to social workers, case managers, police officers, and school counselors.

Trusted World provides size-specific clothing, food, and personal care items, to case managers to focus on their core missions and not spend time searching for much-needed resources. Trusted World makes these resources available to its partners within 48 hours and at no cost.

Thousands of volunteers help Trusted World collect, sort, and store items for redistribution each year. Volunteers are helping people help people in their community by conducting drives for clothing, personal care items, and food or making monetary donations. Ninety-three cents of every donated dollar go back into the community progra


Trusted World is committed to providing the best resources, at no cost, to people or organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf.


To create an efficient and effective donation fulfillment process to ensure individuals facing situational poverty receive the necessary resources in a timely manner. 


FOOD ITEMS: Beans, Canned Fruit, Canned Meats (Tuna, chicken, beef, pork, chili), Cereal, Crackers (In sleeves or individual packs), Oatmeal (In individual packets), Pasta (Raw spaghetti, etc. NOT macaroni & cheese), Peanut Butter, Rice (white or brown), Pasta Sauce, and Canned Vegetables
PERSONAL CARE ITEMS: Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, and Feminine Hygiene Products. Travel and/or Full-Sized Items needed.
Adult, Children’s Diapers, Pull-Ups, and wipes.

CLOTHING ITEMS: Baby Pants and PJs Size 9-12 Months and 24 Months, Toddler Shirts Size 3T, Toddler Pants Size 5T, Boys Sneakers Size 12-6, Boys Hoodies and Jackets Size L, XL, Boys Pants and Jeans Size 8-16, Boys PJ’s Size L, XL, Boys Underwear Size S-XL, Girls Sneakers Size 12-6, Girl’s Dresses Size S-XL, Girl’s Leggings, Pants, and Jeans Size 8-16, Girl’s Underwear Size S-XL, Men’s Hoodies and Jackets Size XL, 2XL+, Shoes, Sneakers, and Work Boots size 8-14

Men’s Jeans and Slacks (Waist size 30-40, Length 30-36), Men’s Sweatpants, Men’s Shirts Size XL, Men’s New Underwear Size M-XL, Men’s Belts, Men’s Trouser Socks (for Dress Shoes), Women’s Hoodies, and Jackets XL, 2XL+, Women’s Shorts and Leggings XL, 2XL+, Women’s Bras and Sports Bras, and Women’s Dresses Size XL, 2XL+

Equity Statement

Trusted World promotes sustainable equity and inclusion, which enables people to thrive regardless of race, gender or belief.

The Trusted World staff, board, and volunteers demonstrate values, policies, and practices that fully support the under-served population.

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Organization Data




Organization Name
Trusted World

Taxid (EIN)

Community Improvement, Social Services

Operating Budget
$5000,000 – $999,999

Counties Served
Collin, Dallas, Rockwall

Bipoc Serving
African American/Black, Hispanic/Latnix

Equity Statement
Equity Statement



613 Easy St Suite B
Garland, TX 75042




[email protected]